Art Experience Studio

4721 Torrance Blvd, Torrance CA 90503 US

Art Classes

At Art Experience, we offer year-round art classes for children. 

Knowledge has no boundary between subject matters. In addition to traditional fine art classes, our creative writing class and STEAM Lab forge pathways for students to build and cross bridges among arts and other disciplines. During the process, they learn different modes of creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking, which are an integral part of Common Core Standards.

Our highly qualified instructors teach each lesson in a variety of media and subjects. Individual instructions are provided in a group setting. Our low student/teacher ratio allows for specialized attention for each student. We accept children from TK to adults.

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New to our studio? Not sure if your kiddo will like our classes?

Come try out one intro class at a special rate, $20 per child.

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Fine Art and Mixed Media Classes (K and up)

For children with no previous art experience, we teach weekly projects to introduce art concepts, technique, history, and aesthetics in our curriculum. Art vocabulary will become an important tool in our classroom. We use a wide range of traditional media, including acrylic and watercolor painting, pastels, block prints, and sculpture. The goal is to build a foundation and prepare young children for more independent creation. They will then have the option to try all mediums, or even focus on a specific medium, and progress at her or his own pace in a positive and nurturing atmosphere.

Our Projects: Our unique mixed media projects embark children on a journey of creativity. We teach them how to transform ordinary objects to fine art by separating the material from its function. Projects include collage, mosaic, metal repousse, stained glass and ceramic painting.... the sky is the limit. From that point on, they begin to see the possibility of art in everyday things and moments. They will never look at life the same way again. They are living artfully.  

STEAM Lab: Science in Art (3rd Grade and up, Summer only)

Have you ever built a 3-D kite that flies? Have you ever used circuitry to make your sculpture light up? Did you know that the “Fibonacci Spiral” is already hidden in the nature around us and in many famous paintings? 

The new age of the “artist-scientist” has arrived. This unique hands-on course is designed to focuses on the common lines between creative expression and the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). In each 6-week term, the instructor will teach several projects that highlight unique Art-STEM topics. They learn new approaches to program solving, innovative design, and critical thinking, as well as the leading edge of science and technology. This project-based course helps them truly grasp the concept that they would not have experienced in a lecture-base class. Electronic parts such as LEDs, paper circuits, and batteries will be incorporated in some projects. We offer STEAM Lab to students age 8 +.

STEAM Lab offered by Art Experience Studio

Learning STEM through Art Projects. The curriculum is jointly developed by an Engineering Ph.D and an architect.

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Writing Essentials (Private Lessons)

Creativity is the back bone of all forms of writing. Do you have a story to tell based on your past experience? Can you put yourself in other's shoes and tell their stories, real or fictional? How do you organize your information and thoughts so that readers can follow the flow? Help your child learn how to become a better writer and communicator through a series of fun and interesting exercises. Kids learn how to clearly state complex ideas, boost their grammar and vocabulary, and organize their writing.

Adult Classes and Art Nights

Get in touch with your CREATIVE SIDE! No previous art experience required! Need a fun night out with the girls? Want to celebrate a special occasion? Come to "Art Experience Night"! Enjoy a dinner and beverages and have a blast while painting. Other options are Terrarium and Acrylic Pouring. Click here to request more info.

If you prefer a more intimate setting, weekly classes are available whether you are looking for a creative experience or a "safe" place to discover the artist within. You will receive individual instruction in a group setting. (Young students may be present in the studio.) We use various media. Click here to contact us about the schedule. 

Home School & Onsite Enrichment Programs 

Home schoolers are welcome to join any of our classes. We are the approved vendor for Blue Ridge, Sage Oak, Sky Mountain, Granite Mountain, Golden Valley, iLEAD, Compass, and Excel. 

If you are interested in an on-site program, we can send art instructors to your facility to teach classes. Please contact us for details. View Student Works.

Private Lessons

Classes are personalized to meet your child's interests. Meeting 1-2 times per week suggested. 

College Portfolio Preparation for Art/Design/Architecture Schools

Admission portfolios are the most important part of art, design, and architecture school applications. Many of our students have been accepted to well-known art schools and scholarship programs (Art Center, Parsons, USC, Carnegie Mellon, RISD, and more). 

Even if you are not art school bound, a supplemental portfolio to showcase your creative work makes a difference for many in the application process, as colleges like to recruit students who appear more “well-rounded”.

In addition to the academic requirements, the added pressure of compiling a portfolio can be daunting. We provide guidance to students who want to create their best portfolio for college. All images in the portfolio will be electronically cataloged and ready for submission. Click here to view some of the arts produced by our award winning students.