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Star War Art Night: "Porg"

Come paint your favoriate Star War character.  Acrylic painting on 11x14" canvas.

 Saturday, 2/24, 6:30-8:30 pm

Art Afternoon:
 "Fearless Acrylic Pouring"

Add color and flow to your life with addictive acrylic pouring to create amazing "cells" in your fluid acrylic painting.  You will have so much fun that this 3-hr workshop goes by fast.  (Space is very limited, extremely messy!  Adults only.)

 Sunday, 3/4, 2 - 5 pm


"STEAM Lab: Science in Art"

(For age 8+, starting on the week of 1/22/2018)

Did you know science can be creative and art can be scientific? The body of knowledge can no longer be divided by subjects. This class was designed by a licensed architect to help kids connect the dots and become the modern day Renaissance man like da Vinci. Students will gain a deeper appreciation for this interdisciplinary approach through exciting and fun hands-on activities. They will create art projects at the end of the camp to reflect on STEAM concepts learned.

Tuesday: 1 - 3 pm (South Bay Learning Center, 727 W. Carson St., Torrance, CA)
Thursday: 4 - 6 pm (Our studio)
Sunday: 2 - 4 pm (Our studio)

Check out this video for the amazing combination of art and technology developed by MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research to "beautifully" change the way we interact with our devices. (Disclaimer: The video is to illustrate what STEAM can offer to enhance daily life.  It's not a class project.)

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Temporary tattoos that can control smartphones
This movie shows gold leaf temporary tattoos that can be used to control devices through touch created by a group of PhD students and researchers at MIT's Media Lab.The team, led by PhD student Cind...

Seven Years in a Row!  We are bringing our projects to 
45,000+ students in the South Bay Area!

Our art project, "Forms in Movement: The Sculpture World of Barbara Hepworth," was selected by Palos Verdes schools as their art curriculum for years 2017-2018.

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